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For 20 years, the GEO Awards have honored impressive companies from around the globe who truly demonstrate their leadership and dedication to employee ownership. Join us in celebrating these firms and exploring the nearly limitless learning opportunities available from some of our industry’s best and brightest.


About The GEO Awards

The GEO Awards are designed to celebrate and honor companies from around the globe who truly demonstrate their leadership and dedication to their employee stock plans. Winning companies are recognized for excellence in designing, communicating, or offering programs that allow employees worldwide to participate in their company's share plan.

GEO Award winners represent both public and private organizations, large multinationals as well as smaller companies from various industries and countries all around the globe. Each year, GEO invites organizations to submit applications in one of ten award categories for independent evaluation by a panel of judges who carefully review each submission and select those that deserve to receive a prestigious GEO Award. Our judges represent different views from within our industry to ensure that award submissions are thoroughly evaluated.

Past winners represent multiple countries and include companies large and small. Regardless of size or budget, companies can design and provide effective share ownership structures that make a major impact on many lives.

How It Works

  1. Apply Online

    The online entry form is your key to impressing the judges, so make it count! Don’t forget to attach examples and supplementary documents, too.

  2. Judging Begins

    Our panel of independent judges evaluate all entries and select the winners across ten categories.

  3. Winners are Announced!

    Award winners are revealed at a dazzling awards ceremony held as part of the GEO Annual Conference – don’t miss it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Use this section to find more answers to questions related to GEO Awards.

What are the GEO Awards?

The GEO Awards recognize and celebrate the commitment of employee ownership and inclusive workplaces; rewarding the teams and individuals who are leading the way in unique, effective and creative ways.
The Awards are pivotal to the promotion of share ownership around the globe; and highlight the positive impact that great plan execution can have on employee engagement, retention, productivity, and corporate profitability. Each successful submission represents an answer to a common issue, uniting and aligning companies around the globe who are trying to overcome the same challenges.

How do I become a Judge?

If you are an experienced issuer company representative or a member of academia, you can apply to become a Judge. The application window for the 2023 Awards will open in the fall of 2022. 

Does my plan qualify for an award?

To qualify for an award, the submitting company must offer one or more global share plans and/or the submitted plan must: 

  • Be unique in concept, design or performance. 
  • Be cutting edge and potentially the first of its kind. 
  • Be different from other products or services already in the market. 
  • Be an original application of a new or existing product or service. 
  • Use new technology or bring new techniques to the industry. 
  • Clearly communicate the plan benefits and actively encourage participation. 

Find out more about the submissions process.

What is the closing date for entries?

If you would like to apply for a GEO Award, the submission period is typically open from October to January each year. The application window for the 2023 GEO Awards will open in the fall of 2022.  Find out more about the submissions process

How do I apply for an award?

Applications for a GEO Award may be made by a representative of a company or by nomination from a third-party service provider. All applicants will be asked to explain and demonstrate their efforts and progress in the designated category. Any company with a stock or stock-based program is eligible and encouraged to apply for an award. There is no fee to apply, and applicants can apply for any, or all, of the award categories. If you would like to complete a practice application template before completing the online application, you may download a Practice Application Template.

How do I know that my application has been accepted?

You will only be entered into the GEO Awards once your application is fully complete and submitted online before the closing date. It  is your responsibility to ensure that the application is completed, supporting documents included, and that the submit button has been pressed on the online application form. Entrants will be emailed to notify them that their application has been accepted.

Can I enter the GEO Awards on behalf of the entrant?

Yes, applications for a GEO Award may be made by a representative of a company or by nomination from a third-party service provider. The answers need to be written in the words of the entrant. Third-party partners will be recognized as part of the winner announcements. 

Can I enter the same plan across more than one awards category?

You may enter as many categories as you wish, although make sure your entries are relevant to each category's criteria. Find out more about the submissions process here

Do I have to complete the application all in one go?

No, once you have registered, the application process is simple and straightforward. You can save and return to your application at any stage before finally submitting your form. 

Does a word count apply to the questions?

Yes, each question has a maximum number of words. You should plan your response and provide as much evidence as possible to support the claims made within your answers. Use plain English and avoid jargon to help the judges understand your responses. 

Do I have to apply online?

Yes, to ensure the process is consistent and fair, all applications must be filled in online. 

How will I know if we have won an award?

Winners will be announced at the annual GEO Awards gala dinner which is held as part of GEO’s Annual Conference. 

Are there any sponsorship opportunities for the Awards?

There are a number of different sponsorship opportunities available for the Awards.
Please contact us  for further information.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about the GEO Awards or submitting your materials, please contact Pam Stetson at pam.stetson@globalequity.org or +1-714-630-2908 ext 102.

What Our Award Winners Say